• Responsible and lawful action is a basic requirement for the success of the Standard in Gold. In case of doubt, legal action always takes precedence, even if a manager gives contrary instructions.


Competition/antitrust law:

• Standard in Gold is committed to the principles of the market economy and fair competition. Standard in Gold employees therefore do not make any market-relevant agreements with competitors, in particular regarding prices, offers, terms and conditions, sales quotas or market shares, with the aim of influencing the competitive behavior of the relevant competitors if this leads to a restriction of competition. The mere appearance of a violation must be avoided.


Fighting corruption:

• The commitment to the legal system as well as to fair competition is linked to the rejection of any kind of corruption. It is important that any appearance of improper influence on Standard in Gold LTD employees in the performance of their duties through gifts, invitations or other benefits is avoided. Details are regulated in OA-021 “Gifts and invitations policy”. If you are unclear or have any questions, please contact the Compliance Officer.

Data protection:

• Standard in Gold is committed to protecting the privacy of citizens. Personal data is only collected, processed or used if this is legally permitted or if the person concerned agrees to this.

In addition, personal data must be kept secure and may only be transferred using necessary precautions. In addition, every employee is obliged to protect the confidential information of Standard in Gold and others that come to their knowledge in the company environment.

Money laundering:

• Money laundering refers to the process of concealing the origin of financial resources, particularly from illegal activities, by smuggling these funds into the legal financial and economic cycle. Standard in Gold employees are obliged to strictly comply with anti-money laundering laws. You must report suspicious behavior from customers and business partners to your superiors. In addition, all employees are required to comply with applicable recordkeeping and accounting regulations for cash and other transactions and contracts.

Employee protection, environment and energy:

• Standard in Gold is committed to complying with applicable laws, regulations and notices and to continually improving the associated management systems.


Conflicts of interest:

• Employees of the Standard in Gold must avoid situations that lead to personal conflicts with the goals, principles and

Interests lead to the standard in gold. If there is a possibility of a conflict of interest, the relevant manager must be informed. Details on conflicts of interest are regulated in OA-026 “Conflicts of Interest Policy”. If anything is unclear or you have any questions, the Compliance Officer is available.