My name is Oliver Antunovic. I am the founder and managing director of STANDARD IN GOLD eU. That means that I am personally fully liable for all activities of the company.

Before I write about the vision of STANDARD IN GOLD, I will briefly tell you about my professional background to show that my team and I are ideally suited for the work that STANDARD IN GOLD requires.

At the age of 21, I was one of the top advisors in the Allianz Insurance Group, responsible for the distribution of Allianz Investment Bank products. At 23, I was recruited by a headhunter to be a key account manager at GE Money Bank. Soon, at 24, I was the youngest branch manager at this bank. Four years later, I moved to WÜSTENROT Bausparkasse, one of the largest building societies in Europe, where I worked as a sales manager.

To be honest, it was a good career, but it didn't make me happy because it taught me how our money system works. I was shocked. Especially the unfair behavior towards customers in the bank interest area made me angry.

So I decided to start my own business and opened my first precious metal trade. That was ten years ago now.

Eventually, I came to believe that JP Morgan was right.

He said, "Gold is money, everything else is credit." He spoke those words back in 1912. The man knew what he was talking about.

So I was able to meet numerous people and now assemble a team of professionals who will work with me to make STANDARD IN GOLD a successful company for the benefit of token holders.

My team and I share a very important opinion. We don't trust central banks anymore.



I had the idea for a gold-backed online currency like STANDARD IN GOLD, STAND for short, more than 20 years ago. However, at that time the technology was not yet mature enough to make this happen. That changed with the development of the blockchain.

Since the gold standard ended on August 15, 1971, and we have no real value behind our money, we have experienced inflation that devalues our money more and more each year. However, we must not forget that money is the symbolic representation of our working hours. Ergo, we have to work longer and longer for the same quality of life.

This results from the fact that the responsible central banks print money at will. However, just like before 1971, our days only have 24 hours.

As long as our monetary system is not based on limited wealth, this madness will continue.

There are now numerous cryptocurrencies on the market. Many of them are very good! Unfortunately, they all have the same problem. Their value is tied to the fiat currency system. The value is always compared in USD. Considering that the USD has already lost 85 percent of its value since the separation from the gold standard, it quickly becomes clear that all these excellent cryptocurrencies, as long as they are tied to the fiat money system, will have a similar performance.

The goal of STANDARD IN GOLD is that we achieve cryptocurrencies being valued in STANDARD IN GOLD. Accordingly, any decent and reputable cryptocurrency would aim to provide STANDARD IN GOLD coverage. Thus, these cryptocurrencies would also be backed by gold!

Think about what this means. The prosperity that will spread globally as a result is hard to imagine.  In times of the old gold standard, one income was enough for a family of seven. That is unimaginable today.

Through STANDARD IN GOLD, we now have the opportunity to establish a new and better gold standard globally and, as a community, create a future where prosperity is equally accessible to all.

I am sure you understand and share my vision, and together, along with this opportunity, we will create a new, better world where STANDARD IN GOLD and blockchain technology provide us with equal opportunities and where global prosperity will be motivation and goal of us all!

"Oliver Antunovic, Vienna on January 17, 2022"