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6000 years stable value

The foundation of freedom and prosperity


Central banks have led us into global hyperinflation: Our purchasing power is dwindling, the time we spend working is being increasingly devalued. But this is only the beginning. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are now on the rise worldwide. They give banks and governments complete control over our payments. Not only are transactions monitored, but governments can control what you can buy, when, where and how. This development poses an acute threat to our freedom.

With STANDARD IN GOLD, we begin the revolution of our monetary system. With the world's first gold-backed blockchain, we are bringing the gold standard back to the world, because only gold backing provides real protection against inflation. At the same time, STANDARD IN GOLD is paving the way for people to achieve prosperity that will no longer be reserved for a select elite. With true anonymity and complete independence from the government, STANDARD IN GOLD is the necessary alternative to government-controlled CBDCs.


Effective Inflation Protection

Gold - a tried and tested store of value


FIAT currencies lack predictability and stability. Inflation devalues not only your wages and savings, but also the time it takes to earn that money. Things were different in the days of the gold standard. It was only after the gold standard was abolished that the dollar began to lose its value.

With STANDARD IN GOLD, we are giving people back the security of gold backing. While central banks print money at will with no equivalent value, all coins and tokens on our blockchain, the GOLD SMART CHAIN, are 100% backed by physical, LBMA certified gold. Security is our top priority as we only work with well-established and carefully selected precious metals dealers.

To learn more about the debasement of our money and the flaws of our existing monetary system, watch the following documentary:

Click here for video


Digital central bank currencies do not solve these problems, they exacerbate them. Instead of providing more security, they lead to a loss of privacy and make financial planning impossible. Not only can access to your money be blocked at any time: Even saving will become impossible if governments cause accumulated balances to expire.


Cryptocurrencies do not offer the security of being taken back by the selling party or anyone else. Neither exchanges nor miners are obliged to take them back.
STANDARD IN GOLD is obliged to hand over your gold in return for your coins. These are, after all, a certificate of ownership and a warehouse receipt in one. The main currency on our blockchain, the STAND, increases in value with each new holder, which allows immense increases in value. Gold backing, in turn, offers unparalleled protection against inflation. Gold has proven itself for this purpose for more than 6,000 years: The rare precious metal is a secure store of value, making STANDARD IN GOLD far superior to any FIAT or cryptocurrency.


With STANDARD IN GOLD, we are giving the world back the gold standard: all coins and tokens in circulation on the GOLD SMART CHAIN are 100% backed by physical gold. Neither the FIAT currencies nor any other cryptocurrency offers this.

But there's more to it than just inflation protection and wealth building. With STANDARD IN GOLD we also secure freedom. Programmable CBDCs, as they are being developed worldwide, are the end of our privacy and jeopardize not only our financial freedom. They also make us easier to control, through possible interference in our consumer behavior and potential sanctions such as blocking access to our money. Cash cannot eliminate these threats because it is subject to inflation. Governments and banks have been working for years to restrict cash payments.

In addition to protection against inflation, a fair monetary system must also offer independence from the state. This is exactly what STANDARD IN GOLD offers.


At STANDARD IN GOLD, we take our mission seriously and make our customers' security a top priority. While anyone can anonymously program a token on popular blockchains, only established and carefully selected precious metal dealers have this privilege on the GOLD SMART CHAIN.

Hackers and scammers don't stand a chance. We trace the money and work with those affected to track down the person responsible. Our customers can rely on us.

The unique freedom of STANDARD IN GOLD

You have 100% control over your coins!

Whether you invest your coins in the form of cryptocurrencies, have them paid out in physical LBMA-certified gold, or have them transferred as fiat currency to your bank account is entirely up to you. After all, it's your money!


Take advantage of money transfers in the age of blockchain technology: 

  • Anonymity
  • Transaction costs in the low double digits of cents 
  • Transactions at top speed
  • Decentralized currency
  • In the past, very high returns within a short period of time
  • High transparency
  • The decentralized structure allows independence from banks
  • Independence from financial market crises
  • And many more advantages!

At your request, we will exchange your coins for gold. The physical gold will be delivered in the size of one LBMA-certified ounce of 999.9 Fine Gold. This ensures that your gold will be accepted anywhere in the world.


Do you want your money paid out to your bank account as fiat currency (€UR / US$ / GBP / etc.)?

No problem!

At your request, we will sell your gold and transfer your fiat money to the bank account you specify in exchange for your coins.


Coins & Token kaufen


Swap or conveniently use the dashboard

You can swap on the GOLD SMART CHAIN as you are already used to from other blockchains. We have also created a user-friendly dashboard to make the process more convenient. You are welcome to use this. However, we ask you to consider your dashboard's wallet only as a means to an end: For security reasons, please always keep your coins and tokens in your own wallet, such as MetaMask or Ledger.

We also give you this advice for all other crypto projects, especially with centralized exchanges!

Remember, "Not your keys, not your coins!"

This ensures not only excellent cooperation but also expands decentralized storage.


As a so-called STABLECOIN, the SOLID is always worth 0.1 grams of LBMA-certified gold - completely independent of the gold price on the stock exchange. SOLID is the entry to the GOLD SMART CHAIN: You can then exchange it for any coin on the dashboard.
Register for the dashboard on the GOLD SMART CHAIN.
The dashboard serves as a window to the GOLD SMART CHAIN and facilitates the purchase of coins, as well as trading, swapping and selling.



Here advanced crypto holders can swap their coins and tokens. Simply connect to your wallet and you are ready to trade!




Help us spread the word about STAND and receive SOLID as a thank you for your help.

Join our affiliate program and receive 2% of the amount purchased through your referral in SOLID as a thank you for every qualifying referral.

Register in the dashboard and get your affiliate link in the "Rewards" section. You can also track your earnings there.