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A revolution of the crypto- and monetary system

Gold: Security for 6,000 years


Central banks have led us into global hyperinflation that will end in stagflation in the foreseeable future. As a result, cryptocurrencies are also losing their purchasing power. That's because they all have only one asset: the US dollar.

If fiat currencies - meaning all of our current currencies issued by central banks like the Federal Reserve or the European Central Bank - lose their purchasing power, so will cryptocurrencies: They, too, represent just another form of accumulation of USD.

We at STANDARD IN GOLD have solved this problem. With the GOLD SMART CHAIN, ​​we have created the blockchain of gold-backed cryptocurrencies.

All coins and tokens on the GOLD SMART CHAIN ​​are backed 100 percent with physical, LBMA-certified gold.




Protection against inflation for 6,000 years

If all currencies were backed by gold, there would only be fixed exchange rates. This creates stability and calculability. Companies would always know how much dollars or euros they would have to spend to buy goods. This boosts the economy because everything can be planned and is, therefore, stable. There is no more uncertainty.

STANDARD IN GOLD has created exactly this opportunity with the GOLD SMART CHAIN. Working with various well-established and carefully selected precious metal dealers underpins this security, as central banks are no longer free to print money at will. Gold (like your time) is limited and, therefore, deflationary.

Here you can see an excellent documentary that explains the loss of value of money very well.

Click here for video


Current cryptocurrencies are all backed by the USD. After all, the value of all cryptocurrencies is measured in USD and is thus just an accumulation or even just another form of the USD.

The current hyperinflation, which will soon end in stagflation and thus lead to a worldwide recession, reveals the constant weakness of our current monetary system.

The security of gold regarding purchasing power and value has been proven for over 6,000 years. We want to regain this security. Mankind must be given back the prosperity that the gold standard provided during its existence!


STANDARD IN GOLD differs from other cryptocurrencies in that the STANDARD IN GOLD coins in circulation and all tokens on the GOLD SMART CHAIN are 100 percent backed by physical gold.

No ETFs or ETCs. Only real physical LBMA-certified gold.

2022 is the beginning of the era of the NEW GOLD STANDARD!

The fairest monetary system since the beginning of time.

A new era of prosperity, peace and freedom.

SCAM protection

While anyone can program a token on the most well-known blockchains and remain completely anonymous, only established and selected precious metal dealers can offer their own token on the GOLD SMART CHAIN in addition to STANDARD IN GOLD.

This creates special protection against scammers. In addition, anyone who has been hacked has the opportunity to let us know within 24 hours. We then track the money, and together we find the person responsible.

This is not intended as an invitation to hackers to try this. We are simply pointing out that we support our customers in fighting fraudsters.

The unique freedom of STANDARD IN GOLD

You have 100% control over your coins!

Whether you invest your coins in the form of cryptocurrencies, have them paid out in physical LBMA-certified gold, or have them transferred as fiat currency to your bank account is entirely up to you. After all, it's your money!


Take advantage of money transfers in the age of blockchain technology: 

  • Anonymity
  • Transaction costs in the low double digits of cents 
  • Transactions at top speed
  • Decentralized currency
  • In the past, very high returns within a short period of time
  • High transparency
  • The decentralized structure allows independence from banks
  • Independence from financial market crises
  • And many more advantages!

At your request, we will exchange your coins for gold. The physical gold will be delivered in the size of one LBMA-certified ounce of 999.9 Fine Gold. This ensures that your gold will be accepted anywhere in the world.


Do you want your money paid out to your bank account as fiat currency (€UR / US$ / GBP / etc.)?

No problem!

At your request, we will sell your gold and transfer your fiat money to the bank account you specify in exchange for your coins.


Coins & Token kaufen


Swap or conveniently use the dashboard

You can swap on the GOLD SMART CHAIN as you are already used to from other blockchains. We have also created a user-friendly dashboard to make the process more convenient. You are welcome to use this. However, we ask you to consider your dashboard's wallet only as a means to an end: For security reasons, please always keep your coins and tokens in your own wallet, such as MetaMask or Ledger.

We also give you this advice for all other crypto projects, especially with centralized exchanges!

Remember, "Not your keys, not your coins!"

This ensures not only excellent cooperation but also expands decentralized storage.


As a so-called STABLECOIN, the SOLID is always worth 0.1 grams of LBMA-certified gold - completely independent of the gold price on the stock exchange. SOLID is the entry to the GOLD SMART CHAIN: You can then exchange it for any coin on the dashboard.
Register for the dashboard on the GOLD SMART CHAIN.
The dashboard serves as a window to the GOLD SMART CHAIN and facilitates the purchase of coins, as well as trading, swapping and selling.



Here advanced crypto holders can swap their coins and tokens. Simply connect to your wallet and you are ready to trade!




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