Our current fiat money system is about to collapse and anyone who doesn't want to admit it or can't see it will be very upset in the foreseeable future.


Numerous people such as Robert Kiyosaki, Ernst Wolf, Peter Schiff and numerous others have been warning of this for years and now we are on the verge of the final phase of a global economic catastrophe. However, we can still avert this. If we now manage to bring STANDARD IN GOLD closer to people and thus detach the crypto world from the fiat money system, this will not only save our economy, it will also create previously unimaginable prosperity across the globe.


Now there are numerous Crypto currencies on the market. Many of these are very good! Unfortunately they all have the same problem. Their value is tied to the fiat monetary system. The value is always compared in USD. Considering that the USD has lost -85% since the separation from the gold standard, it quickly becomes clear that as long as all these excellent crypto currencies are tied to the fiat money system, they will have a similar performance in value.


Of course there is also the chance to earn a lot of money with the course development of STANDARD IN GOLD. This is unavoidable because immediately after the PRESALE we list the token with the entire income based on our TOKENOMICS as liquidity on PANCAKE SWAP.


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Every transaction has a community fee. This is 8%. With this fee gold is bought and stored in the Community Gold Depot.


The Community Gold Depot is stored with security companies in Switzerland. Thus, it is protected from possible national and international complications. Political security is guaranteed by Switzerland's neutrality.


You can exchange your STANDARD IN GOLD Token into gold online or in our future branches. 


1) We ship it world wide by logistics company

2) You can exchange them in one of our future branches


Every transaction has a operation fee. This is 1.5%.

This fee is used to finance activities outside the cyber area.

The necessary staff, the general costs of a company and in particular the

storage of the gold with reputable and internationally recognized providers

 for this service. In addition to storage, this also includes security, insurance

and the constant handing over of the gold at the request of a token holder.

This fee lets all token holders sleep more easily.


1.5% of every transaction is sent to the marketing wallet to fund marketingand supply development.

Marketing is important so that new users are constantly added to the community and we make STANDARD IN GOLD stronger, safer and more valuable.


Our Anti-Whale Protection ensures that no single sell order can amount to more than 0.125% of the total supply of "STAND". The Whale Protection won’t necessarily stop Whales from selling, but having a maximum limit helps to prevent large selloffs and price manipulation.